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One-time Fee

ICON Maker Bootcamp

  • Twelve modules that lay the foundation for local market share dominance and ICON status.
  • *$1,995 paid at the time of engagement.
  • *Transferability guarantee

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One-time Fee

Independent Broker Package

  • Brokerage diagnostic
  • Twelve Position, Recruit and Profit (PRP) modules delivered once a week for 90 days
  • Total investment for 100 days of training is $4,995
  • To engage it is $1,995, then $1,500 in thirty days, the final $1,500 at 60 days 

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No Fee

ProReferral Network

  • ProInsight will host referral networks for Realtors working in Independent Brokerages and their affiliate partners.
  • To secure your territory, please provide the following details: your name, phone, email, Brokerage name, City, State, and County. Include the number of deals you close per year (12 is minimum) and how many years you’ve been in the business.

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